Customized Solutions

Simel is capable of supplying electric motors customised to customer requirements and proposes themselves as a technical partner for the creation of made-to-measure solutions. The following is a brief list of some special executions and accessories.


Two separate windings
Single-phase, two-pole motors with relay for exclusion of the condenser.


Low temperature executions
Production of motors with bearings with a special grease designed to guarantee starting even at very low temperatures.


Impregnation for tropical climates
Production of electrical windings with impregnated paint to protect the copper from the high degree of humidity.


Casing feet
Feet and relative bolts can be supplied to ensure that clients benefit from the highest flexibility of use.


Anti-condensation heater
Located inside the terminal board closure, the anti-condensation heater is recommended for motors operating in environments with a high degree of humidity or with significant differences in temperature.


Motors for the USA /Canadian market
Motors produced in compliance with UL and CSA standards both in relation to their components and the motor approval tests. The UL certified insulation system (File E110356 ) of our exclusive property can also be included in the list of components used.